Thank you to everyone who submitted their outstanding projects to the TARA Awards. We are excited to celebrate and recognize the incredible achievements of those who have contributed to various fields, from technology to activism.

Stay tuned for updates on the winners and join us in congratulating them on their well-deserved recognition.

The Future Is Bright! Get Ready for the TARA Awards!

Get ready to witness the most thrilling event of the year! The TARAs are the hottest award ceremony in the TMU community, bringing together over 400 attendees from students, faculty, and industry professionals. This annual spectacle at the RTA School of Media is a night filled with excitement and anticipation as we celebrate the best of the best.

Witness the creativity and innovation of all three programs within the school as we award the most outstanding projects and achievements. You won’t want to miss a moment of this electrifying event!

APRIL 13TH, 2023